Australia's cultural capital

Australia's cultural capital
  Melbourne City guide
Discover everything Melbourne has to offer
Neighbourhoods 12
Bars & Nightclubs 29
Mollie's Bar and Diner
Mostly queer crowd
Popular gay bar with casual dining and great drag
DT's Hotel
Mostly queer crowd
Local pub with entertainment
Charming laneway piano bar
Sircuit Bar
Mostly queer crowd
Popular and lively bar
The Peel
Mostly queer crowd
Large and popular club with a late license
The Osborne
Hosts queer events
Rooftop and bar with popular gay Sunday event
Mostly queer crowd
Cowboy-themed drag karaoke bar
Mostly queer crowd
Nudist pub night for guys
Brown Alley
Hosts queer events
A hip nightclub that hosts queer events
Evie's Disco Diner
Mostly queer crowd
A funky bar and diner that caters to a queer crowd
Mostly queer crowd
Brunswick's first dedicated queer bar
Jono's Piano Bar
Mixed queer and straight
Neighbourhood piano bar
Love Machine
Mixed queer and straight
A queer-friendly club
Hosts queer events
A bar with drag bingo Tuesdays and Thursdays
Poof Doof
Mostly queer crowd
Saturday night gay club night
Pride of Our Footscray
Mostly queer crowd
A community-owned queer bar
Rainbow House Club
Mostly queer crowd
Queer bar with regular entertainment
Rubix Warehouse
Hosts queer events
Edgy venue with queer events
A fairytale-themed bar and club
Sub Club
Hosts queer events
A creative club supporting subcultures
The 86 Cabaret Bar
Mostly queer crowd
Drag cabaret and restaurant
The Bottom End
Hosts queer events
A club in the CBD that hosts a monthly queer event
The Emerson
Hosts queer events
Rooftop bar with a queer crowd on Sundays
The Laird
Mostly queer crowd
A bear bar with accommodation upstairs
The Railway Hotel
Hosts queer events
Drink and eat with a queer crowd on Sundays
The Rubber Chicken
Hosts queer events
A comedy club with drag bingo on Wednesdays
Mostly queer crowd
New queer bar with weekly events
Vau d'vile Drag Cabaret
Mostly queer crowd
A drag bar and restaurant
Yah Yah's
Hosts queer events
Hip bar that's queer on Thursdays
Dance Parties 13
Events 23
Attractions 16
Restaurants 31
Cultural Venues 21
Businesses 9
Hotels and B&Bs 11
Groups 18
Sports Clubs 21
Trips 10

Melbourne has a very lively and innovative queer and gay dance party scene. There are a number of well-established groups who have been doing it for years and know how to throw great parties. Many events have loyal followers which means tickets sell like hotcakes. What's more, the city is very innovative when it comes to dance parties. Many of the events listed here were conceived in Melbourne but have been exported around the country including BARBA, Swagger, Closet, Honcho Disko and Sundaylicious.

Melbourne has a strong creative vibe and this crosses over into the party scene with events like Honcho Disko and Homo Erotica. The latter describes itself as Melbourne's most audacious queer dance party and rightfully so with it's clothing-optional, sex-positive message.

Keep scrolling to the listings for a definitive list of the city's dance parties.

So what are you waiting for? Get your tickets for the next dance party and start planning your night out!

Weekly party nights like Poof Doof and ADAM have been listed as bars rather than dance parties. The dance parties listed in this section are held less frequently than weekly.
Mostly queer crowd
Mixed queer and straight crowd
Hosts queer events