Mollie's Bar and Diner

Mollie's Bar and Diner

Popular gay bar serving up casual eats as well as some of Melbourne's best drag 5 nights a week.

Mollie's Bar and Diner
Popular gay bar with casual dining and great drag
Mostly queer crowd
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Popular gay bar serving up casual eats as well as some of Melbourne's best drag 5 nights a week.

Mollie's has a relaxed vibe and is a great place to start the night because it tends to get busy earlier than clubs such as Sircuit.

There is a killer lineup of weekly events, some of which are very popular such as Drag Roullette on Sundays where drag competitors are selected by a roullette spin and the winner is decided by the roar of the crowd.

The bar's reputation as a drag incubator is cemented by Baby Drag on Thursday nights which showcases new and emerging drag talent.

One end of the venue is decorated as a diner and serves up casual meals such as burgers, pizzas and parmas. The stage is set up along one side of the main room with the remaining space filled with tables and chairs, all positioned for best view of the stage. There is no dance floor as such, but the crowd tends to move onto the stage and the area in front of it when the DJ pumps out gay anthems between shows. There is also a large enclosed patio behind the bar, overlooking Smith street.

The bar is located amongst a cluster of queer venues - Sircuit is directly downstairs and Rainbow House Club, Yah Yah's, Wows, Evie's and UBQ can all be found within one block.

The venue is very popular and being a mainly seated venue, it tends to fill up fast so get in early to secure a table with a good view.

When there isn't a special event on, you can get to Sircuit via stairs at the back of the venue, behind the diner.

The venue was formerly the dark rooms on the second floor above Sircuit. You can still see the timber staircase that connects the two venues downstairs from Sircuit. Dark rooms attached to clubs have fallen out of fashion so the stairs are no longer accessible, but if the walls at Mollie's could talk!
103 Smith St, Fitzroy, Victoria
(03) 9416 3960
Mostly queer crowd
6:00pm - 1:00am
Drag Bingo
Drag bingo with a rotating hostess from 8pm
6:00pm - 3:00am
Baby Drag
Drag from new and emerging talent
6:00pm - 3:00am
Thank Leasa It's Friday! Performances and entertainment hosted by Leasa Mann
3:00pm - 3:00am
Drag shows by Daytona, Amena-Jay and Sara Tonin
3:00pm - 1:00am
Drag Roulette
Lip sync competition where competitors are decided by roulette.


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Image: Beau
2 /public/album_photo/2a/37/28b830d6fe21fe789575775a08a4051f.jpeg /public/album_photo/2b/37/58f68f99c15447b39918fbde9e93a991.jpeg Amena-Jay Amena-Jay is one of the 3 hosts of the Saturday night lineup
Image: Beau
3 /public/album_photo/22/37/8f91d6e8df27548e5de9040b013a03b5.jpeg /public/album_photo/23/37/3768f74be36cd0114cfcf086020d8d41.jpeg Dancing Girls Delicious is Mollie’s Saturday night show hosted by Daytona, Amena-Jay and Sara Tonin.
Image: Beau
4 /public/album_photo/18/37/9ba3145f39e00d8ded953b7eadae7dd2.jpeg /public/album_photo/1b/37/1274cf068569516ae986db5c43bd86c9.jpeg Daytona The new Saturday lineup is hosted by Daytona, Sara Tonin and Amena-Jay
Image: Beau
5 /public/album_photo/de/35/a56c9fb1cbd4b84aeea91beb26875851.jpeg /public/album_photo/df/35/f01a89d1b41b2c54dadc3d4a42be4650.jpeg Sangas and Pizzas The diner at one end of Mollie's serves up casual meals like pizza, burgers and parmas.
Image: Beau
6 /public/album_photo/17/35/cd64f9c3407446aa86517512afa9cba3.jpeg /public/album_photo/18/35/493218c75c4c001e5c7ad734af56f40d.jpeg Barbie Girl Aubrey Haive makes a getaway in her Barbie corvette.
Image: Beau
7 /public/album_photo/0f/35/c33101bc74f323d56517126858cf03e5.jpeg /public/album_photo/10/35/673c5f776c484a60f8917b2dd5d9749d.jpeg Barbie Girl Aubrey Haive who went on to compete in Rupaul's Drag Race Down Under entertains the crowd at Mollie's.
Image: Beau
8 /public/album_photo/07/35/4bad4fc0d0dcaf4d6abbde0686e03f65.jpeg /public/album_photo/08/35/33cda952093226de7eaa130cba550370.jpeg Pretty In Pink You can catch performances from some of Melbourne's best queens including Aubrey Haive of Rupaul's Drag Race fame.
Image: Beau
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Mollie's is a dedicated drag bar in Fitzroy
Image: Beau