DJ's spinning I said my, my. DJs can start spinning once 90% of the populate is vaccinated. Image: Red Produkcija / Shutterstock

Melbourne Gay Nightlife Set To Roar Back to Life

After emerging from a world-record 262 days in lockdown, Melbourne’s queer dance scene is ramping up at a blistering pace. We take a look at what the city’s favourite gay clubs and dance parties have in store for the weeks to come.

It has been a long winter with nothing but a few gyrations around the kitchen table to the tunes of DJ Spotify to satisfy our dance needs. But now with restrictions slowly lifting, the sun creeping higher in the sky, and the holiday season just around the corner, the stage is set for a glorious return to the dancefloor. 

Current restrictions make it all but impossible to operate a nightclub - there are limits on the number of patrons per square meter and everyone must be seated - hardly the settings for a heaving dancefloor. However, some venues have been creative and forged ahead regardless. Poof Doof have been opening their doors as usual, and patrons are treated to drinks service and the DJs experience Poof Doof is famous for - all while seated.

The trigger of the next easing of restrictions (90% of the populated double vaxed) is expected around November 24 so nightclub operators and dance party organisers are watching this date with bated breath.

Dance Parties

The city’s favourite dance party organisers have been working double time to fill the calendar with great events. Favourites Rock City, Honcho Disko and BARBA have all scheduled an event between “freedom day” of circa November 24 and January 1. Sundaylicious has put two events on their calendar but the guys at Thick ‘n’ Juicy take the award for busiest beavers (the bears are always so industrious!). They have no fewer than 3 events in the calendar, plus another 2 scheduled in Sydney. With Thick ‘n’ Juicy’s body-positive ethos, you can’t use that dad-bod you’ve developed over lockdown as an excuse not to go.

Blurred image of packed dance floor Dance floors can start filling after November 24, when 90% of the population is expected to be vaccinated

Bars & Clubs

The restrictions currently in place make it all but impossible to operate a nightclub, however some of the favourite queer spaces in the city have already reopend their doors for seated eating and drinking, others are on the final countdown to 90% vaccination.

Remember you need to be double vaxed to enter any of these venues so make sure you’ve had your two jabs and you’ve got your vaccination certificate ready and raring to go.