A hot and sunny metropolis with a growing restaurant, bar and cultural scene

A hot and sunny metropolis with a growing restaurant, bar and cultural scene
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Brisbane airport is located 12 km from the CBD. The airport consists of two terminals - a large and modern domestic terminal and a small international terminal. The airport is organised and efficient with an on-time performance (OTP) of 81.98% in 2020 [2]. The airport recently opened a second runway and completed major refurbishments of the domestic terminal and international departures terminal, and a new integrated terminal is planned so all flights leave from the same terminal. Unlike some other airports in Australia, the airport does not have a curfew so flights can arrive around the clock.

Transport options from the airport include

  • Train. Both terminals are serviced by the Airtrain which runs every 15 minutes during peak times and every 30 minutes during off-peak times. The train is comfortable and clean and will get you to the CBD in about 20 minutes. The standard fare of $19.50 isn’t exactly cheap, however book online for group and couple discounts and you can get a fare as low as $14.
  • Taxis are available 24/7 from both terminals. A fare to the CBD costs between $45 and $55. Note a $4 toll applies to all fares from the airport. The fastest route from the airport to the CBD includes the Airport Link Tunnel which is a toll road. The full toll is $5.50 and it’s well worth the cost as it avoids waiting in traffic on suburban streets
  • Rideshare. All the major rideshare companies operate in Brisbane and pickup from the airport is allowed from both terminals. Use the app to make a booking in the normal way and a $4 airport access fee will be added automatically. Follow the signs to the rideshare pickup area
  • Shuttle Bus. There are two shuttle bus options. Skybus operate services from both terminals throughout the day with express services to the CBD for $15. The Con-X-ion shuttle bus operates from both terminals with a pick and drop off service that goes door-to-door to dozens of locations around Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. Tickets can be purchased online or at the sales kiosk at each Terminal. To get from the airport to the Brisbane CBD will cost around $20
  • Bus. The cheapest option is the bus. Catch the free T-Bus to Skygate (Airport Village). Express T-Buses only shuttle between the domestic and international terminals, so be sure to board a non-express service, which run every 20 minutes. From Skygate, take route 590 to Toombul shopping centre, where you can catch a bus to anywhere in Brisbane. See the Translink website for planning your trip from Toombul.
Official airport website with information, maps and directories of restaurants shops and services.
Airtrain Website, Airtrain service times and book discounted fares.
SkyBus, Express bus service operating from Brisbane airport to the CBD

Public Transport

There has been much effort in recent years to improve Brisbane’s public transport network - including integrated ticketing, dedicated busways and more frequent train services. Integrated ticketing with Translink means you can access any bus, train, ferry service with the same ticket. Paper tickets come with a significant surcharge so it is better to ask for a Go Card at a train station or newsagency and load some credit onto it. Touch on as you enter and touch off as you exit. You will be charged a fee for not touching off.

Trains. A suburban train network runs from the CBD to as far away as the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. Most trains are clean and modern and run at least every 15 minutes during business hours and 30 minutes outside of business hours. Be sure to press the button on or near the door to exit the train - the doors don't open automatically as you would expect.

Buses. A network of dedicated busways with clean and modern vehicles and stations make catching a bus a more pleasant experience than you might expect. High-frequency express services connect major destinations using busways where possible so you likely won’t get stuck waiting in traffic.

Ferries and City-Kats are a pleasant way to get around the city with zero chance of getting caught in a traffic jam. Stops are limited to destinations along the river. But the river snakes its way through the city so many popular destinations are reachable via ferry.

Taxis are a safe and reliable way to get around the city. All taxis are metered. You can catch a taxi from a taxi rank or hail a taxi from the street if the taxi sign is illuminated on the roof of the taxi. Brisbane has two taxi companies - 13CABS (1322 27) and Black and White Cabs (13 22 22)

Metro. The Brisbane metro, due for completion in 2023, will deliver high-frequency services using electric, high-capacity vehicles in dedicated lanes. Don’t let the name fool you - the metro is more of a beefed-up bus service than a metro on tracks, however the service will be a welcome addition to Brisbane’s public transport options.

Rideshare All the usual rideshare companies operate in Brisbane and there are no restrictions.

Journey planner. Enter your start and end locations and the journey planner will list your transport options
Network maps from the public transport operator Translink