Brisbane City

Brisbane City

Towering skyscrapers, sweeping river views and retail heaven

Brisbane City
Brisbane's beating heart
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Towering skyscrapers, sweeping river views and retail heaven

Brisbane’s CBD is a compact area contained in a bend in the Brisbane river. Streets follow a grid pattern and are named after royals. Streets running north-east are named after female royals and streets running in the opposite direction are named after male royals.

While there is a growing resident population living in the apartment buildings popping up around the place, the area is mostly active on weekdays and turns into a ghost town on the weekends, with the exception of a few dining and shopping precincts below.

Riverside dining precinct with a good variety of restaurants from fine-dining to bars to cafes. It’s impossible to have a bad view from this stretch of the river so grab a table, place your order and take in the views.

The precinct is set for a multi-million dollar redevelopment in the next few years.

Grab a beer at Felons brewery for a sun-soaked afternoon overlooking the river with sweeping views of the bridge and the city. 

There’s a selection of funky restaurants and bars. Be sure to book ahead for Mr Percevals - a restaurant and bar over the water. It draws in the city’s pretty young things and is quite a scene on Friday and Saturday nights.

Several blocks of Queen street are closed to traffic and lined with shops, cafes and bars. Shop for anything here from clothes to electronics to homewares. All the big department stores are here as well as smaller boutique stores. High-end brands such as Louis Vuitton are centered along Edward street.

Huge redevelopment currently under construction of waterfront land stretching several blocks along the river. The massive development will include restaurants, shopping, bars as well as a brand new casino. The development plans to reactivate the riverside which was lost with the construction of the riverside expressway several decades ago. The opening is several years away but promises to be the place to be seen once it is open.


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2 /public/album_photo/b4/25/278c392ea9f7eb8eefc7859c6ae422f1.jpg /public/album_photo/b5/25/a8e974b2aa7b99683b297a630180d744.jpg Queen Street Mall The mall is always active with shopping, dining and drinking.
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3 /public/album_photo/ac/25/d2834bc08fdece6e0e44843a0ece34d5.jpg /public/album_photo/ad/25/73f1853bc72e0edc018fc454c58158d5.jpg Treasury Building Treasuring casino housed in the heritage-listed treasury building will relocate to Queen's Wharf once devleopment has finished and this building will become retail.
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Anzac Square
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