Classic red brick building in Mayfair, London. Getty Images

Have We Passed Peak London?

By Beau
Beau is the founder of Apollo Social. He recently relocated to Melbourne with his husband and has begun a love affair with the city.
London has long been a global mecca; drawing in people from across Britain and around the world. Have Brexit and the pandemic proved too much for the metropolis and started a new era of a diminishing London?

In the 2010s, London’s population was projected to reach 13 million by 2050 - an increase of 4 million. However, the opposite has eventuated, with up to 1 in 13 Londonners abandoning the city. Brexit, the pandemic and immigration restrictions have all reduced London’s attractiveness as a global centre.

Even politically London is seen as an impotent Labour stronghold with little impact on national politics. The likely winner of this week’s mayoral election, Sadiq Khan, may have his hands tied being one of very few Labour leaders holding high-profile office in a Tory-led country.

The Guardian discusses whether London has lost its lustre and if so, what are the impacts for wider Britain.